This service offers JSONP access to the Armory.
If you know a fair amount of php you can get the source code of this service at github and implement extra functions. I'd be happy to recieve your updates!

If you encounter any bugs, or have a feature request create a new issue at github.

For support feel free to ask me using twitter @cbaartse.

To create JavaScript based widgets based on the information from the Armory is really easy using this service if you have a fair amount of JavaScript knowledge.

WowHeroes Support discontinued

WowHeroes support via the JSONP webservice is superseded by wowHeroes.js


The throbbers as seen in the examples can be freely generated at

Url syntax

Guild Roster

Callback (? for jQuery)


Currently there is no way to fetch just one character from one of the services just full guild rosters.