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I enjoy crafting elegant (web) solutions for complex problems. The times I enjoyed the most is when others said something was to hard and could not be done and I proved them wrong.
You can find me on various meetups each month and time and money permitting on conferences.

I have more than a decade experience creating web applications with tools like PHP, Javascript and MySql. Most recently I've built Digi-lijstje using PHP 7.2, Symfony 3.4, Phpunit, Cordova and React. Applying best practices while staying pragmatic. To keep the personal data secure I applied encryption with a combination of asymetric and symetric encryption using libsodium.

Before starting freelancing I was Lead Software Engineer at Webpower where I was tasked with modernizing of both the codebase and development practices. Introducing automated testing, applying DDD, code reviews, using VCS first using SVN and later GIT.
Using Docker and Node.js designed and created a scalable high available solution for sending billions of emails each year.
With DDD methods created a responsive collaborative email builder using React, Node.js and websockets, using CQRS and Event Sourcing. Using event sourcing for this project enabled us to easily implement version control and collaboration while making the codebase also easier to work with.

I studied to be a system/network administrator and while working as one I really enjoyed automating as much as possible. I've always really enjoyed logic and programming and it seems to come natural to me. However I still very much like system administration especially since DevOps became mainstream as that more or less was my introduction to programming altough the acronym was not invented yet.


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Elderly people are often left out of all the pictures that are being shared using whatsapp, facebook or other digital photo sharing. This project aims to bring digital pictures to the livingroom of the elderly by reusing an old tablet or phone as a digital photo frame. Photos can be send using either the website or a dedicated Android app.
Website in Dutch but app is also in English.

Zoho CRM Client

Provides a clean readable PHP API to the Zoho Rest API


InlineStyle provides an easy way to apply embedded and external stylesheets directly as inline styles on the HTML tags. This is especially targetted at mail clients which mostly dont support stylesheets but do support the style attribute for HTML tags.


Email: christiaan at baartse dot nl

Zend PHP5 Certified engineer